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Welcome to Douglas & Cannon Property Management LLC, the wise investor’s first choice for Chapin property management. Our mission is to provide our clients with every opportunity for success in real estate investment. We take pride in responding with swiftness, courtesy, and skill to every question and concern from owner and resident alike, in the interest of making landlord-tenant negotiations as smooth and mutually beneficial as they can be. In this way, we can realize the full potential of every home and building that we manage, and we believe this optimistic and ambitious view of the business is what sets us apart from all other property management companies in Chapin. Aside from Chapin, we provide property management in Lake Murray, Lexington, Columbia, Newberry, Irmo and surrounding areas of Fairfield County.

We are excited and honored to welcome you to the Douglas & Cannon family, home to nothing less than the finest property managers in Chapin, SC. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Click the button below to see properties we manage.

Long-term Management Services

Douglas & Cannon Real Estate Property Management LLC is committed to bringing you the same quality standards of service that have produced over 50 individually owned properties entrusted to our care. A fully diversified management company, we offer a full variety of rental options to include annual, seasonal and vacation rentals. All are backed by a professional staff dedicated to maximizing your rental income potential and maintaining the quality of your property.

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Personal Dedication

Our property management agent, Angela Douglas Hood uses her local knowledge and commercial real estate experience to be a great asset for all real estate transactions. Her accomplishments have hinged on two leading points: Providing the highest degree of professionalism and expertise, and providing quality service and communication. Both of these points together have created relationships with clients that are unparalleled in commitment and trust. With that Angela’s promise is to establish a long-term relationship that will demonstrate her dedication to total client satisfaction.

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